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Baby's got black

[ profile] galwithglasses wants to know what our visions of human!Impala look like!:

Baby: rolls up slow in the mornings, grumbles all the way up from her toes; tousled but shiny, always shiny. Looks at herself in her own mirrors, bites at a nail; run ragged. Got a headful of peppersalt sometimes, diner-style, sometimes dark as the inside of a tailpipe, or a trunk; grit-cinder and hot as coals. Beautiful, Dean says. Can't help rounding curves when she walks; dreams in 180's, reverse. Used to smoke. Smokes, that is. (Don't tell Sam.) Likes: black coffee, black jackets, black vinyl; licorice no matter what Sam says. Black birds.Little black book, but it's not what you think. Memory book; bit- epitaphs, one for every, well, best not spoken of, except at a hush (backwards echo on a Zep track, Plant-reverb), late at night when all there is is the road. Dislikes: frilly windows,vanilla candles, romantic comedies (except one.) Got: Anti-possession.Magic fingers.Surprising stash of herbal tea.1930's day dress she never wears; Docs she does. Patti Smith. Knows: all the words. Riverside blues.Soundtrack: tick, coolerclink; summer stars. Digs: Vonnegut's theory of chapters but can't tell a story that way; gotta ramble.Sing.Change a tire (fast) in the rain on a Monday, Nebraska two-lane. Zippers like city limits. Lips. Spells sometimes. Crack shot. Glasscrack shoulderscar. Secret: green thumb. Shot through with ghosts; it's OK. Latinate. Initial tattoo; it's code. Odd memories: numbers, angels, Bibles, heads and blades, imaginary friend named Jane; wars and Detroit; blood and guts and blood and love and it's only Tuesday. Never too early for a drink, too late for a drive. Night owl. Mourning dove. Wears it like a glove, her love. And cherry.That's what they all say. Runs and runs and runs (don't tell Dean) 'til she runs out of road: resting heartrate, 42. Deep arms and a killer smile. She's gonna live forever.

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This is shockingly much like mine, lol! This by the way is a STUNNING vision of what Baby would be like in human form!

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I feel like there's a very strong, kind of collective image of what Baby might be like as a person! And then there are other, weirder possibilities, which I would love to explore!

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I think she'd be a serial killer *ahem* Sorry that's a bit weird, I know, but this mysterious woman who has skills and knows how to *hunt* someone O.o

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Yes!!!! This characterization is perfect, and I love the attitude you've conveyed too, and the details you've included like her likes and dislikes and that she smokes but doesn't want Sam to know - love it!!!

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Aw <3. As I was saying to milly, I feel like there are a lot of graspable things about Baby that might be easily grafted onto a human form--and then there are stranger possibilities, which I feel like I haven't touched on!

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I'm in awe. I don't know where to start to tell you my favorite parts. Glasscrack shoulder scar and don't tell Sam about the smoking. The 1930s day dress is a great thing to drop in there. I also really like how this is delivered in short clips and snapshots. Thanks so much for writing......

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I love your Baby's dislike of eggs, her Harley, her hair. Love. Thanks for all of your Baby-related posts! Wonderful stuff.

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Glad you liked the posts. They were fun to do and it didn't really matter that I'm not current with the show so it gave me a chance to play along again.
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You better put this on the comm. :p

Me, trying to call out my favorite bit: Black book. No, Vonnegut. No, Docs. No, anti-possession and initial ink. But... Tueday, and coffee and licorice and smokes and immortality... I'ma need a minute.


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Glad you dig it, heh. Said this a couple of times but--I feel like there's this strong, pretty accessible human Baby (which is what I've sort of done here) and then there are wilder, weirder possibilities I'd love to explore!

I'll get this on the comm, though, because April almost out and I've barely started. (You, however...<3!)

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Should just print it out and frame this thing of beauty.


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Aw, glad you like.

May I wish you a happy birthday? May the upcoming be a year of wonders (and words)! <3
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I got spooked when my browser wouldn't let me into LJ one morning, but I think it was just a time-zone thing because it's been all right since. I'm still going to delete my account though because I'm afraid there might come a time when I just won't be able to access it, and I don't want to leave LJ in charge of something I can't even access myself. I may not finally burn my bridges til the end of the SPN season, though.

Thanks for the poetry comm tip. I've just joined :)
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Yay! Sounds like things are starting to warm up over here :)
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Here from fanspired--as you say, relatable human. And gorgeous.
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Hey, thanks, I will drop by and read. I doubt I'll be contributing, though. My poetry's broken.