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2016: Long and strange. Gifts from f'list (some not explicitly for me, but still): fantastic!

Thankful for:

[ profile] alethiometry's ghostly springfling gift, Do Not Cross

[ profile] indiachick's spell-worked fill for my [ profile] ohsam prompt:
Spell for the Watchers

These [ profile] ohsam fills too:

[ profile] caranfindel's My Love Will Laugh With Me Before the Morning Comes

[ profile] wetsammy's
Soda-Can Walls and Gravel Roads

Time to Say Goodbye, art by [ profile] amberdreams

Sam drinking green tea in the Bunker in [ profile] amypond45's Won't Get Fooled Again

The pond-jewel of [ profile] clockworkfabled's golgotha

John Winchester's guilt in [ profile] lennelle's
Collateral Damage

All the animal life and half-wild magic of [ profile] quickreaver, A Slave in Winter

A Path of Cinders: [ profile] anactoria, dream-walking.

The femme-fatale Rowena of [ profile] kalliel's La Chasse

The ghost state of [ profile] ameliacareful's
The Twilight Country

[ profile] madebyme_x's
Droplets; all her drabbles and comments!

[ profile] salmondine:
cool art for my sammybang, Creek Don't Rise

[ profile] stormbrite's art, for [ profile] spn_reversebang!

My highway-haunted [ profile] spn_summergen

[ profile] frozen_delight 's ep comments and lovely birthday gift, Lady Macbeth

All [ profile] z_publicizes' comments, and the past as a foreign country: Tongues

and [ profile] milly_gal 's inspirational and incredibly varied and positive creativity

Style talk with [ profile] onlythefireborn, all the discussion and recs for great prose stylists on my post at [ profile] spn_writing,

[ profile] spnapo,


[ profile] laughablelament 's tongue-speaking [ profile] ohsam gift,
In the Precious Blood of the Lamb ; all the LL writing-and-conversation <3.

Wishing everyone happiness & health and hope and inspiration!
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SPN's all about the living and the dead, right? And all the roads between those countries, and the languages spoken there. [ profile] z_publicizes, author of Blood Will Out, crafter of gorgeous prose (and most excellent commenter), just wrote a beautiful poetic take on those travels (and mother and father and children and ghosts):

At [ profile] spnapo: Tongues (Mary POV, 12 x02-12 x03)
At journal: Tongues

And if you have any poetic drabbles, prose poems, verse/verse-like things, experimental lyrical bits, spoken-word stream of consciousness-es (!), etc., [ profile] laughablelament and I would love to see them over at [ profile] spnapo!
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Borrowing and expanding # 9, memorable lines, from [ profile] frozen_delight's fic appreciation meme <3-- because I love (love!)
well-crafted sentences. And how they speak to one another, make the whole.

Read more... )
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Lots of gems on the [ profile] ohsam Happy Birthday Sam art & comment fic meme, but I have to exclaim over the beautiful fill [ profile] broken_cinders wrote for my prompt: "What if your body and your soul have different birthdays, Sam?" Here's a Sam of dry leaves and smoke and warm arms and breath, who is still very much here:

Old Soul, New Body

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For [ profile] spnspringfling I got a beautiful gift that conjures up the palette and post-heartbreak of early SPN--I have so much love for those, and for the artist's hand/vision/moment-capturing.Gif as ephemera, ghost. Crime scene and salt line. Sam's shoulders. Spectre-hair. Go see!: Do Not Cross.

Springfling: there are a lot of cool, gorgeous, suitably supernaturally spring-root-creepy, glimmery green-sweet things blooming over there!  (Writerly <3: the tonal and temporal handiwork of behind this curtain.)
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Some things (among many) that have given me joy in 2015:

[ profile] amberdreams gorgeous, neon-haunted fill for [ profile] kalliel's "dances with skeletons" prompt on [ profile] citrusjava's Halloween meme: "dia de los meurtos".

[ profile] alethiometry's beautiful Edward Abbey Desert Solitaire fall-colors Sam graphic.

[ profile] ameliacareful's forboding, crack-of-the-pool-balls "Sam's Fortune."

[ profile] quickreaver's cool,cool crow-window art for the beautiful "Go, Said the Bird", by [ profile] elwarre.

[ profile] cassiopeia7's dead-in-the-water art for [ profile] steeplechasers' prompt on the [ profile] ohsam triple-play challenge.

[ profile] caranfindel's "Refrain" and "Coda".

[ profile] frozen_delight's shimmering, heartbroken "Sand Between Our Toes", and all things [ profile] frozen_delight.

[ profile] kalliel's rich, Charlie-elegy-by-way-of-rebellion, "Wake, Memory", witchy, non-linear "Delicacy", and so much more.

[ profile] laughablelament,friend, fellow fanpoet! Thank you for "Ashes,Embers"," Fixation", for all of your writing, for letting me ride shotgun, and for all the conversation and mutual inspiration.

spnspiration, and all the fanpoetry, experimental prose and other experimental/interstitial/cool stuff that is so much my jam.

Reading and writing for:

the ohsam triple-play challenge.

  [ profile] citrusjava 's Halloween meme.

Big Pretzel's holiday and DEW challenges.

thank you to all the hosts/mods!

~all the inspiration, wordcraft, artcraft, creative community/gift economy of SPNfandom.Thank you much to all who make it so vibrant! Happy New Year!


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