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Title: As Other Birds
Rating : PG-13
Word Count : 2700
Warnings : children in danger
Spoilers: S12
Author’s Notes: For Summergen, withthedemonblood wanted Winchesters and Baneses, post 12 x20. Thanks to  [personal profile] laughablelament , as always, and to the mods!

Summary : Two sets of brothers, a pair of witch twins, and the Pennsylvania woods. Or: what to make of a diminished thing.

On AO3
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Title: Obliterati
Genre: tag for 12 x 21, speculation, choose-your-own-adventure
Spoilers: S12, 12 x 21
Summary: Sam pats the wall once, says: then how's it gonna be?

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New Days

May. 11th, 2017 06:06 pm
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 How about a little Dean-and-the-road not-curtainfic for [personal profile] kalliel 's birthday? Happy birthday to you!! 
(no spoilers/warnings, Sam and Dean gen, a bit of hurt Dean)

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Title: Sun Eclipsed by Moon
Characters: Max Banes, Alicia Banes, Tasha Banes, Winchesters
Rating: gen
Spoilers/Warnings: 12 x 20!
Summary: How to give back a body.
Notes: Companion for Natural ; can't stop writing witch twins!
Title from Roger Waters; inspired by a conversation with [personal profile] laughablelament.

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Title: Sticks and Bones
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean, Banes’s, other
Genre: gen; interiors
Spoilers/Warnings: S12, 12 x 19, 12 x 20, Samangst, suicidal ideation
Summary: You take yourself and your ex-heart down to the crossroads.
Notes: inspired by some of the speculation on  caranfindel's journal, which I’ve been thinking about…


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Title: Natural

Characters: Max Banes, Alicia Banes, Winchesters

Spoilers: 12 x 20!!

Summary: Max drives north.

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Fic: Pack

Apr. 10th, 2017 08:48 pm
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Title: Pack
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Max, Alicia, Dean, Sam/Max, Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Tags: early s12, h/c, witch twins!, brotherly negotiation, jealousy, Sam-healing, psychic stuff.
Dean wants to know what Sam does up there, in Canada.

(Sam does witches.)

Fourth part of my witch twins/Winchesters series, Foxes.

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Title: Blue Manitoba Boy
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Max Banes (background: Sam/Dean, Sam/others), Alicia Banes
Rating: M
Genre: hands-free? metaphysical intercourse?
Warnings: consent issues, body issues, Sam issues
Summary: It’s OK, Max says, I’m a witch.

Notes: Comes after Five-Pointed Star.
Companion for Double.

On AO3

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Title: All Your Lovers
Characters: Sam,Dean, others
Genre: fever dream
Notes: [ profile] caranfindel likes some Trials Sam, and esp. The Great Escapist! ( ; Happy birthday to you!

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Title: Rest Stop
Characters: Dean, Sam, Mary, the BMoL
Spoilers: S12, 12 x 14, 12 x 15!
Summary:spoiler! )

Notes: some Dean!, for [ profile] laughablelament and [ profile] frozen_delight

On AO3

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Title: Book of the Dead Blues
Genre:  their own private idahos; postcards from beyonds
Characters: Jo, Charlie, Pamela Barnes, Billie, Tracy Bell; boys in the background
Warnings/Spoilers: 12 x 09
Summary: Slowdance. Sunshine. Winchester butt. Grave.
Notes: for international women’s day!

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Title: Five-Pointed Star
Words: 2500
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, Max Banes, Alicia Banes, Sam/Dean, Sam/Max (sort of!)
Tags/Warnings: post-trauma, hurt/comfort, psychic abilities, healing, dream sex,
Sam-centric, hurt Sam, sick Dean, witches, ghosts, demons,case, Canada, witch-twins!!
Spoilers:  S12, 12 x 06, 12 x 11,  not necessarily canon-compliant.
Summary: I don't do witches, Sam says, though that's Dean. Smiles.

Max called and Sam ditched the books and his sky-pale, cranked-up, still-hacking brother and climbed in the car and drove to Canada.

Notes: Kind of a companion for Double.

On AO3

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Title: Leaving Reno
Characters: Sam, Dean, Nevada
Tags/spoilers/warnings: outsider POV/weird POV; chains/cuffs, suggestion of; sin, suggestion of, conflation of sex/trauma; Wincest
Notes: for [ profile] milly_gal 's fabulous art prompt!

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Title: Mother, Son
Characters: Mary, Kelly, Rowena, the boys, the MOL, others
Warnings/Spoilers: 12 x 13!
Summary: Mothers and fathers and daughters and sons. Mother goddess and the devil.

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Title: American Bellflower
Genre: character studyish
Characters: Mary, (John) and the boys
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: S12, 12 x 12, mentions of trauma
Summary: Mary Winchester, collector.


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Title: Will You Miss Me
Genre: I'd call this gencest
Characters: Sam,Dean,Rowena
Spoilers: 12 x11! (12 x 09, 11 x 11)
Summary: ᚛ᚏᚓᚋᚓᚋᚁᚓᚏ᚜
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Notes: subtitles from "families" of the Beith-luis-nin, ogham alphabet; title from "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone", A.P Carter, here by The Stanley Brothers.

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Title: How I Want You Green
Genre: gencest not-curtainfic
For: [ profile] madebyme_x , who wanted Sam & Dean final moments together for a snowflake challenge wishlist. What happened is more like... a weird fever-dream of bittersweet non-finalities? I hope you enjoy anyway.
Title from Lorca, Romance Sonambulo

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Title: Angelica
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean, Cas, Mary, Rowena, others
Spoilers: 12 x 08, ep title )
Warnings: not canon-compliant, necessarily
Summary: The hunters, the witch, and the spoilers. )


Angelica sylvestris, the herb, purifies blood, protects against contagion, cures the plague, has the patronage of archangels, is a preservative, works against (or with) witchcraft, is the ‘root of the holy ghost’--depending on who you ask.

Caim, Gaelic rendering of Cain, father of murder, ruler of hell, seer, shape-shifter, nature-reader…or, a prayer of blessing , encircling and sacred-spacemaking, depending on who you ask.

On AO3

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Title: Double
Characters: spoiler ),Winchesters, others
Genre: gen, witchy backstory
Spoilers: S12, 12 x 06

Words: ~1000
Summary: The power of two.

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Title: Tree Falls
Characters: Sam & Dean, Cas, Rowena
Rating: gen
Summary: Cat got your tongue, Dean asks. Sam says nothing.
Notes: written for the [ profile] ohsam
tripleplay challenge, for cowboyguy's prompt: Dean, forest, nonverbal

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