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Title: Jericho
Prompt: same
Warnings: none

It’s [ profile] spnapo and [ profile] wetsammy 's birthday, so how about some wet Sam?
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Title: Taking
Poet: [ profile] laughablelament
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wincest
Tags/Warnings/Spoilers: incest kink
Prompt: "Taking some 'we' time." - Dean, 10.04 (Paper Moon)

Look at this sexy thing [ profile] laughablelament posted at [ profile] spnapo!  And by 'sexy' I don't mean the line breaks. (OK that too.)

We'd love some p
rompts or poems/poem-like things/lyrical drabbles/images/self-contained bits of fic/whatever's poetry to you! And speaking of  whatever's-poetry-to-you, I wanted to write about why [ profile] z_publicizes' vignette Higher Learning reads like a poem to me, but haven't had the chance.  Also [ profile] caranfindel's single-sentence fic and this drabble by [ profile] madebyme_x! And also this: Feathers and Claws by [ profile] themegalosaurus: image-heavy Sam-possession vignette inspired by [ profile] indiachick's <3 prompt and with striking art by [ profile] lennelle.

What's poetry/poetic to you? Or: any images/metaphors/lines etc. from fic that have really stayed with you? Recs? Self-recs? Feel free to post older stuff at [ profile] spnapo too!
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2017 Prompts Post

We'll be honest. April snuck up on us a little.

Y'all have offered up wonderful and diverse stuff already, but please feel free to keep it going! Comment here, if you have an idea for a poem. Don't be shy. ^_^ Prompts will be visible, but you can go anon if you want. Anything SPN goes!

Want to play? Writers, artists, vidders, podficcers--all are welcome! We strive to keep this a laid-back event.
Prompts here.

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March/April are busy months for writing challenges, but you've got a few more words in you, right?

Super Napo Banner.

Come play at [ profile] spnapo (poems, experimental bits of verse-ish, lyrical drabbles, spoken word, prosepoem, images; whatever you've got wordwise in sorta poem-like packages) for National Poetry Month or just leave a prompt here.

Or post your work anytime! Maybe we're biased, but we kinda think everyone's a poet.
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SPN's all about the living and the dead, right? And all the roads between those countries, and the languages spoken there. [ profile] z_publicizes, author of Blood Will Out, crafter of gorgeous prose (and most excellent commenter), just wrote a beautiful poetic take on those travels (and mother and father and children and ghosts):

At [ profile] spnapo: Tongues (Mary POV, 12 x02-12 x03)
At journal: Tongues

And if you have any poetic drabbles, prose poems, verse/verse-like things, experimental lyrical bits, spoken-word stream of consciousness-es (!), etc., [ profile] laughablelament and I would love to see them over at [ profile] spnapo!
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Characters: John and his boys
Genre: sonnet
Spoilers/Warnings: S10, Brother's Keeper
Summary: Shotgun through time.

Written for the spnapo "We've Got Words to Do" Challenge.  Still time to play!
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Characters: Sam, Dean
Prompt: “…a penknife, some dental floss, a sewing needle, and a fifth of whiskey.”--Changing Channels
Genre: injured prose?, h/c
Spoilers,Warnings: Heart, 11x17 Red Meat; bullet wounds & other injuries; Wincesty
Summary: what a wound looks like

Written for the [ profile] spnapo "We've Got Words to Do" Challenge.

On AO3

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Character: Oh,Sam
Genre: cento, of sorts
Prompt: Sam’s favorite books
Summary: the not-monsters of page magic

Written for our [ profile] spnapo "We've Got Words to Do" Challenge.  Come play!

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Come play with us at [ profile] spnapo!

Jump on in, walk around like you own the place. (The moon bounce is epic.)

You're welcome to revisit past prompts, post early, or share your original NaPo creations.
(verse-thing? hybrid form? weird little drabble? prose that experiments with space, sound? graphic, because all images are fair game? poetic remix? found poetry? other?)
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originally posted by [ profile] spnapomods at [ profile] spnapo!

We love poetry.

We love Supernatural.

We’re a new community, hosting the SPNaPo “We’ve Got Words To Do” Challenge to spread that love around.

Super Napo Banner.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Pick a prompt

  2. Make a thing

  3. Share

This is not an event just for poets! This is an event for all lovers of Supernatural fanworks to play in the poetry yard. (You never know. You might discover you like writing odes to Sam's butt.) Rules and FAQ here.

First-week prompts go live on Friday. Please join the comm, share this post, and spit it, poet!

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