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May. 11th, 2017 06:06 pm
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 How about a little Dean-and-the-road not-curtainfic for [personal profile] kalliel 's birthday? Happy birthday to you!! 
(no spoilers/warnings, Sam and Dean gen, a bit of hurt Dean)

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Mar. 23rd, 2017 02:47 am
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Should I sign up for


(Of course,because it's great, and I'm so into the quick-gifting celebration of short form, and
last year I got this wonderful art gift, Do Not Cross, from [ profile] alethiometry!

(but I'll have so much student work to read that week)


Did you sign up f'list?
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Title: All Your Lovers
Characters: Sam,Dean, others
Genre: fever dream
Notes: [ profile] caranfindel likes some Trials Sam, and esp. The Great Escapist! ( ; Happy birthday to you!

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Title: Rest Stop
Characters: Dean, Sam, Mary, the BMoL
Spoilers: S12, 12 x 14, 12 x 15!
Summary:spoiler! )

Notes: some Dean!, for [ profile] laughablelament and [ profile] frozen_delight

On AO3

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Title: How I Want You Green
Genre: gencest not-curtainfic
For: [ profile] madebyme_x , who wanted Sam & Dean final moments together for a snowflake challenge wishlist. What happened is more like... a weird fever-dream of bittersweet non-finalities? I hope you enjoy anyway.
Title from Lorca, Romance Sonambulo

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2016: Long and strange. Gifts from f'list (some not explicitly for me, but still): fantastic!

Thankful for:

[ profile] alethiometry's ghostly springfling gift, Do Not Cross

[ profile] indiachick's spell-worked fill for my [ profile] ohsam prompt:
Spell for the Watchers

These [ profile] ohsam fills too:

[ profile] caranfindel's My Love Will Laugh With Me Before the Morning Comes

[ profile] wetsammy's
Soda-Can Walls and Gravel Roads

Time to Say Goodbye, art by [ profile] amberdreams

Sam drinking green tea in the Bunker in [ profile] amypond45's Won't Get Fooled Again

The pond-jewel of [ profile] clockworkfabled's golgotha

John Winchester's guilt in [ profile] lennelle's
Collateral Damage

All the animal life and half-wild magic of [ profile] quickreaver, A Slave in Winter

A Path of Cinders: [ profile] anactoria, dream-walking.

The femme-fatale Rowena of [ profile] kalliel's La Chasse

The ghost state of [ profile] ameliacareful's
The Twilight Country

[ profile] madebyme_x's
Droplets; all her drabbles and comments!

[ profile] salmondine:
cool art for my sammybang, Creek Don't Rise

[ profile] stormbrite's art, for [ profile] spn_reversebang!

My highway-haunted [ profile] spn_summergen

[ profile] frozen_delight 's ep comments and lovely birthday gift, Lady Macbeth

All [ profile] z_publicizes' comments, and the past as a foreign country: Tongues

and [ profile] milly_gal 's inspirational and incredibly varied and positive creativity

Style talk with [ profile] onlythefireborn, all the discussion and recs for great prose stylists on my post at [ profile] spn_writing,

[ profile] spnapo,


[ profile] laughablelament 's tongue-speaking [ profile] ohsam gift,
In the Precious Blood of the Lamb ; all the LL writing-and-conversation <3.

Wishing everyone happiness & health and hope and inspiration!
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Title: Veil
Spoilers/Warnings: S12
Genre: stargazin' Baby’s-hood fic
Words: 100

This is for [ profile] madebyme_x, who might like a bit of Sam-comfort; thank you for all your kind comments and your drabbles! Happy Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows to all.

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